Deleted Files Recovery

We’re constantly advised that we need to back up our data. That way, if something goes wrong and valuable files are lost, we can easily get them back. But there are a few problems here. Not everyone follows advice, and taking the time to do something as dull as backing up data is not exactly at the top of everyone’s list of priorities!

Even if you do go to the trouble of backing up data, there’s plenty of potential for files to slip through the cracks. You may have neglected to include an important folder in the backup job, or your hard drive may fail the day before your weekly backup is due to be updated.

If you have lost some important files on your Windows computer, they can probably recover. There are multiple ways to get this information back and continue with your work.

The first is to look in the Recycling Bin. You can find it on the desktop and there may be many files inside. You can easily recover files by selecting them from there and dragging them to the folder you want. Another tip is to check pendrives, external hard drives or look on the OneDrive or Dropbox website (if we use these services).

The next step is to look at the Windows backups. Windows usually saves copies of files and folders automatically as part of the process at a restore point. Go to Control Panel> System and maintenance> Backup and restore. Once in that menu, select «Restore my files» and follow the steps indicated by the wizard.

Another possible option is to recover previous versions of a file or a folder. Open the File Explorer and navigate to the folder where the lost documents were. For example, if they were in C: / Files / Documents, you should go to C: / Files where you should see the «Documents» folder.

Once there, right click on the icon of the folder (in our example, «Documents») and select the option «Restore previous versions» of the menu. A window will then appear with different versions of the file over time. Select the one you want and click on the «Restore» or «Open» button to view it in another program.

If you have not had luck at the moment, download and install some of the existing applications for file recovery, Disk Drill, MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free … although the best-known program is called «Recuva«, which is one of the best and most complete programs to recover files. Once opened select the Unit (the disk or device) where you want to search for deleted files: your hard drive, a Pendrive, an SD card, etc. and click «Scan.»