Email Sign In

To log in Outlook can be done by logging in to The platform home page will appear and there are two points from which you can enter, one from the upper right of the screen “log in”, the second right in the middle of your screen on the right “Start session ” in both cases you will get the same result, a new window in which a Microsoft box prompts you to enter in the blank user name, email address or telephone number with which the registry was configured. Also, is accessed directly to the Microsoft box.

Once the user is typed, the “next” button is pressed, a new box appears in which the password can be entered. Be careful if the uppercase key is activated as this will prevent you from logging in, because the system recognizes this font style as case-independent. Once typed, click the “log in” button. The email inbox appears. If you still have a Hotmail email, the steps will be the same, this is due to the integration of your services through the Microsoft system.

Outlook create account
If we do not have Outlook e-mail, the first step is to create an account. From, it is accessed in the upper corner on the right side of the screen, in “create an account” also in the middle of the page the “subscribe” option you can both redirect to a second window in which a questionnaire appears to enter the data. The second step is to complete the questionnaire, name and surname, user name, and creating the email address, and access password, it can not be composed of less than 8 characters and the system is case sensitive .

Lastly, indicate country, date of birth and sex (optional). In addition you have to complete the data that will be very useful if at any time you need to recover the account, for it is added a telephone number and altering email address. The captcha is filled in to verify that it is a person and not a machine and to finish it is just a click on the button “create account”.