iTunes Download

iTunes is an integral part of Apple computers, as well as their mobile devices, and even goes beyond the option of being able to install it on Windows computers.

iTunes is software that works as a multimedia player for computers and mobile devices. Although we would also have to say that it is a multimedia organizer and acts as a virtual store for the distribution of music, movies, e-books, etc. the latter achieved through an integration of the application with the iTunes Store.

In addition to the ability of iTunes to play multimedia content, it also has another important function for Apple products, and that function is to synchronize desktop computers or laptops with mobile devices such as iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone.

That is, it is a way to move the multimedia files we have on our computer, to our Apple mobile device. In this way, and since iTunes is available for several versions of Windows, we can synchronize iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, to a Windows PC and obviously we can also do with any Mac.

Another virtue of iTunes is its ability to integrate with iCloud. Mixing iTunes and iCloud allows you to have all your music and videos in the cloud, which translates into the power to access them from all your devices without having to download them from your computer. The application also serves to restore the factory settings of our Apple mobile devices.

Downloading iTunes for your computer is a very easy process: just go to the page where Apple has made available the software and download it and then start the installation process.