Skype Download

Skype is an application that you can install on your computer, smartphone or tablet and that is used to communicate with people from anywhere in the world through calls, free video calls individual and group and instant messaging. You can share any type of file with your contacts and the best, completely free. Also, if you have credit in your Skype account, you can call any phone and send SMS messages no matter where in the world you want to communicate at very affordable prices.

Skype uses a voice Internet protocol over IP so we can call fixed and mobile phone numbers with Skype even if this functionality is for payment. However for calls between Skype terminals, from Skype on computer to Skype on mobile, all calls, messages and video calls are free, as well as the transfer of all types of files, using our data rate or Wifi from the home.

Skype now offers its users several alternatives of use, since it is possible to acquire a package of communication at low cost to be able to accede to the great amount of options offered by the program, such as the possibility of making calls to landlines and mobiles of the anywhere on the planet by paying reduced fares.

However, it is also possible to use Skype completely free of charge, and enjoy the important series of benefits offered by the program, always maintaining the superb quality of communication provided by the application. To do this, it is only necessary to install the latest available version of the software, which can be downloaded for free on its official website, and then register as a user of the service. It should be noted that we must also have a broadband connection, microphone and speakers connected to our PC.

In this way, their users access a wide range of services, such as calls to other Skype users, instant messaging, video calls over the Internet, with excellent signal quality. If you are interested in installing the program, you can download it for free on